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Grande Prairie Landscaping

Grande Prairie Landscaping

Grande Prairie Landscaping

How can I take care of my Alberta lawn?

Mowing, watering, and fertilising are all things that Alberta property owners can do to keep their lawns in excellent condition. Occasional aeration and de-thatching may also be part of a healthy lawn maintenance program. For optimum results, use sharp mower blades to keep your lawn trimmed to a height of around seven centimetres. This height is just right for promoting lawn growth and discouraging weeds. It's also easier to detect lawn pests when grass blades are between six and eight centimetres high. Be sure the lawn is dry before you start mowing. Deep watering on a regular basis will promote deep roots for a healthy and attractive lawn. Water in the morning to ensure moisture doesn't rapidly evaporate and leave your lawn thirsty. As a general rule of thumb, sloped lawns require lighter watering on a more frequent basis than totally flat lawns, advise environmental experts. If Alberta lawn care seems like too much work, or if you simply don't have time to address your lawn issues, go ahead and hire RocDog Contracting Grande Prairie landscaping services to manage your lawn mowing and yard cleanup.

When should I aerate my lawn in Grande Prairie?

Improve water absorption and nutrient flow by aerating your lawn every time your Grande Prairie landscaping pro says it's necessary. If water runs off instead of moistening your lawn all the way to the roots, it's probably time to call RocDog for lawn aeration service. If knotweed and clover have overtaken your lawn, it's definitely time for lawn aeration. Hard, compacted soil is another sign that lawn aeration is due. Typically, lawn aeration is done in autumn, according to experts. Aeration can be accomplished with machines that drive spikes into the soil or remove little plugs comprised of thatch and tangled roots. Alternately, property owners can wear special spiked shoes to aerate a lawn while walking on it. This technique works best for small lawns. If you're not sure when to aerate your lawn, please speak with a Grande Prairie landscaping professional at RocDog Contracting.

Is a raised bed garden a good idea?

If you want to spare your back while growing a seasonal crop of your favorite veggies, a raised bed garden has plenty to offer. Typically around 18 inches high, a raised bed garden is easier to work than hard ground. Because the surface is higher, you can sit on a small carry-along bench to plant seeds, pull weeds, and manage other gardening tasks. Due to the fact that the soil in a raised bed tends to get warmer sooner, you may be able to extend your growing season. With soil that's looser than compacted earth, you can plant seedlings closer together and increase your garden's yield.

If you'd like a raised bed garden of your own, RocDog has the skills and experience to create a masonry garden bed that will suit your purposes perfectly. When you're ready to know more, or if you'd like a free estimate for Grande Prairie landscaping, yard cleanup, or any other service we offer, please call 780-402-7077

Grande Prairie Landscaping

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